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spotlight on peters creek, akThe perfect getaway! Peters Creek is the serene small community, just 20 miles north of Anchorage in the shadow of the towering Chugach Mountain range. It’s a popular bedroom community for the nearby metropolitan center, as well as for members of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, just to the south.

Locals love the wide-open spaces, and quiet atmosphere while still maintaining convenient access to the big-city amenities found in Anchorage to the south, or in Wasilla or Palmer in the Mat-Su Valley to the north. The community is a mecca for outdoor activities that range from boating and fishing, to hiking and snowmobiling.

Are you interested in learning more about available Peters Creek real estate? Please visit our Peters Creek page - to chat with a

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3 beautiful wasilla waterfront homesThe natural environment that surrounds the communities of the Matanuska Susitna Valley is simply awe-inspiring. Cities like Wasilla and Palmer feature a stunning number of waterfront properties overlooking shimmering lakes, streams and creeks.

Let's take a look at a few of the Valley's most beautiful waterfront properties, currently available on the market!

3493 N Meadow Lakes Drive – Wasilla, AK

Classic lakeside living! This beautifully crafted log home has been lovingly designed to perfectly complement the surrounding landscape. This home serves as an ideal, quiet getaway in a serene nature setting surrounded by wildlife. The nearly 2,800 square-foot home boasts some incredible extras too, including a full mother-in-law suite in the

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Wasilla says no to tiny houses...for nowWasilla-residents, and would-be residents with thoughts of living in a trendy new tiny home will have to rethink their plans. Wasilla city council put a temporary moratorium on a request to allow the new tiny home trend to take foot in the city.

Councilor Stu Graham, the main proponent of the temporary ban, wants to avoid future issues related to these small homes being made into rental units that fall into disrepair, or are unsightly projects plopped down next to traditional homes.

“I certainly don’t have anything on people getting a great return on their investments but it has to be balanced with what the community needs.”

The city council approved the ban temporarily in Wasilla, from now through February. The moratorium applies to any

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What you need to know about alaska new construction, kibe lucas team real estateAt first glance, buying a new home seems like a fantastic option – I mean what’s not to like. You don’t have to deal with the footprints left by previous owners and you can even have a say in many of the home’s final details. If you get in early enough, you can even choose the lay-out or go with a fully custom home.

But, just like the purchase of any home, new or old, there are certain pitfalls you could easily find yourself in. It can be a great option for many just arm yourself with the information to go in as an informed consumer. Here’s what you need know before buying an Alaska new construction home.

Get to the Know the Area

By their very nature, developments of new construction homes tend to be built away from urban centers, in much more

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a few low cost ways to boost your alaska home's property valueWhen it comes to home improvement, it can be incredibly easy to spend, spend, spend. If you’ve ever hired a contractor or taken your car to be professionally serviced at the garage, you know how easily one simple repair can balloon into a laundry list of costly items.

This doesn’t have to be your reality though. We’ve compiled a few low-cost ways you can boost your Alaska home’s sales value without re-mortgaging the property you're about to sell.

Look Down

The flooring is the cornerstone of any home. It’s ever-present and hard to miss – that goes double for the potential home buyers you’re hoping to attract.

So, take careful stock of your flooring and assess how much love it needs (or deserves). A professional carpet cleaning is an inexpensive

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alaska's most expensive home

A new home has entered the market, shattering the previous record for most expensive home in Alaska. Many properties sell themselves as being truly one-of-a-kind, but few can stake as strong a claim as this expansive $6.5 million Anchor Point home.

Positioned at the mouth of the Cook Inlet about 200 miles south of Anchorage, this truly unique Anchor Point home boasts unrestricted views looking out into the endless Gulf of Alaska, from its own private beach. The stunning view may be the property's most enduring draw, but it certainly isn't among its most one-of-a-kind selling points. The property's most unique selling features include an incredible 25-acre private golf course and a gold mine. Yep, you heard that right, a bonafide gold mine. First

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community spotlight: eagel river, akEagle River may technically be part of the municipality of Anchorage, but it’s certainly got a history and a character all its own. If it weren’t a part of Anchorage, the smaller area would actually still be among the five most populous cities in the state.

Located in the breathtaking shadow of the Chugach Mountain range near the Elmendorf-Richardson Military Base, Eagle River is considered to be the main gateway to the wonderfully picturesque Chugach State Park, the third largest park in Alaska. The scenic Eagle River Road stretches out from the community 13 miles into the heart of the mountain range. There, visitors will find engaging hiking trails and tantalizing viewpoints of mountain peaks in all directions.

A Trip Back in Time…

The small

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Alaska Real Estate

Alaska has seen a slow (but steady) increase in population over the last several years, as more and more people are looking to relocate to this beautiful state. Recently, Alaska surpassed North Dakota in terms of overall population to become the 47th largest state in the US. Alaska is also the largest US state in terms of surface area, as it amasses over 660,000 square miles.

That begs the question, with so much space, and a constant increase in population, where are the best places in Alaska to purchase a new home?

Let’s take a look at three areas in Alaska perfect for prospective homebuyers.


Willow is often referred to as Alaska’s recreation capital. A name that could not be any more appropriate. This area has absolutely

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benefits of matsu valley new homes

There are innumerable details to consider when it comes to buying a Mat-Su Valley home.

Which neighborhood is the right one for you, and your family?
What style of home lines up with your lifestyle? Condo, townhome, or detached home?
What mortgage terms am I looking for?
Should I buy new or find a resale property?

That last question is among the most important, and could have a long-lasting impact far into your new life as a home owner. The purchase of a resale can certainly bring with it numerous savings and rustic charms, but let’s not forget the hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars that will go toward maintaining the property, and managing repairs

Why not choose a Mat-Su Valley new home? The new construction industry

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community spotlight: palmer, akFound in the heart of Alaska’s breadbasket, the Mat-Su Valley, Palmer is the unique agricultural center that has been able to distinguish itself from the surrounding landscape. Whereas many of the small centers that make up the Matanuska-Susitna Valley owe their histories mainly to resource-based mining industries, Palmer’s origins are quite different.

Palmer got its name from early entrepreneur George W. Palmer, who opened up the region’s very first trading post in the mid 1890s. At first, Palmer was much like the rest of the valley, with a fairly level population number, with the majority of local residents employed in the resource industry. That would all change with the intervention of a certain US President.

Unique Beginnings

The change more

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