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benefits of matsu valley new homes

There are innumerable details to consider when it comes to buying a Mat-Su Valley home.

Which neighborhood is the right one for you, and your family?
What style of home lines up with your lifestyle? Condo, townhome, or detached home?
What mortgage terms am I looking for?
Should I buy new or find a resale property?

That last question is among the most important, and could have a long-lasting impact far into your new life as a home owner. The purchase of a resale can certainly bring with it numerous savings and rustic charms, but let’s not forget the hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars that will go toward maintaining the property, and managing repairs

Why not choose a Mat-Su Valley new home? The new construction industry

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community spotlight: palmer, akFound in the heart of Alaska’s breadbasket, the Mat-Su Valley, Palmer is the unique agricultural center that has been able to distinguish itself from the surrounding landscape. Whereas many of the small centers that make up the Matanuska-Susitna Valley owe their histories mainly to resource-based mining industries, Palmer’s origins are quite different.

Palmer got its name from early entrepreneur George W. Palmer, who opened up the region’s very first trading post in the mid 1890s. At first, Palmer was much like the rest of the valley, with a fairly level population number, with the majority of local residents employed in the resource industry. That would all change with the intervention of a certain US President.

Unique Beginnings

The change more

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The Kibe Lucas Real Estate Team, based out of Wasilla, AK, is your premiere resource for real estate throughout the Matsu Valley, and Southcentral Alaska!

We're proud to present you with four of our hottest listings currently on the market. If any of these interest you at all, we encourage you to contact Kibe Lucas online or call 1-907-357-4663 to book a tour before it's too late.

5316 E Hart Lake Loop - Wasilla, AK

A beautiful home in a premier aviation community in the Matsu Valley. What more could a Wasilla-area pilot ask for? This ample 1,770 home sits on nearly an acre and features a dedicated plane tie-down and close access to a dedicated landing strip. The large master suite enjoys a dedicate ensuite bathroom with jetted bathtub and

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The unrelenting natural beauty of the Matsu Valley is indescribabe, and a priceless treasure for each and every resident of the region. The Wasilla homes on the other hand certainly have a price tag attached. The Greater Wasilla region, just north of Anchorage, provides a breathtaking array of superbly crafted, and expertly styled homes just waiting to be discovered in a variety of price ranges to suit just about every home buyer.

Now, the below homes may not be within reach of the average home buyer, but they showcase the possibilities available within this beautiful corner of the globe. Let your dreams run wild as we explore what $2 million dollars will buy you in the Greater Wasilla area of Southcentral Alaska!

4471 E Grumman Circle, Wasilla -

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5 questions you shoudl ask when buying an alaska forclosurePurchasing a foreclosed property can be an alluring prospect. Who hasn’t dreamed of discovering a “diamond in the rough” or a “hidden gem” and turning it into something truly special? But just like the purchase of any type of real estate, you should consider a few important details.

We’ve compiled a few important questions you should be asking yourself before you get too far into your Alaska foreclosure search.

Is it really something you can afford?

It’s that low initial purchase price that attracts many would-be home buyers to the foreclosure market. You should keep in mind that a low initial purchase can be a misrepresentation of the overall investment you’ll have to make. Foreclosures are often “as-is” and therefore may require a sizable

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spotlight on wasilla, akWasilla is the fast-growing Anchorage bedroom community, quickly establishing itself as the go-to alternative to big-city living. And what’s not to like?

The community of Wasilla is an ideally sized community, large enough to satisfy the majority of big city conveniences while maintaining its charming and appealing small town aesthetic. A full 35% of Wasilla’s workforce make the one hour commute to the city of Anchorage to the south. Eschewing the noise of the city for the fresh air of the Matsu Valley, these residents find the commute well worth it.

A Brief History Lesson

Wasilla lies in the breathtaking shadow of the stunning Chugach Mountain range, overlooking the Knik Arm at the northern end of Cook Inlet. The name Wasilla comes from the name

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mat-su population growth vs. anchorageThe Mat-Su Valley is now officially the second most populous borough in the state of Alaska. All three of the borough’s incorporated cities saw notable population growth between July 1st 2014 and July 1st, 2015! Our corner of the state is becoming more popular than ever!

Wasilla in particular saw population growth of 434 residents this past year. People are moving to the region from all over the state of Alaska, and the rest of the country as well, particularly from traditionally major population centers such as Anchorage.

In stark contrast to the population growth of the Mat-Su Valley, Anchorage has experienced a notable drop in population, amounting to a decline of 1, 662 residents. This trend is a clear indication that home buyers are bucking the

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memorial day weekend wasilla akIt’s more than just the beginning of summer! Memorial Day is great time to get together with your friends and family, and remember the sacrifices that many have made to preserve the freedom we all enjoy every day. The Greater Wasilla area of the Matsu Valley is a tight knit area, with many traditionally-minded communities overflowing with a patriotic, all-American spirit!

Get out this weekend and welcome the upcoming summer the right way, with your neighbors and community. Memorial Day is about remembering the fallen American heroes, but there isn’t any reason you can’t get out and enjoy yourself as well.

With that spirit in mind, here are a couple events to get you out with your community, while remembering our fallen heroes.


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palmer realtorIt’s not surprising that many folks out there believe they can sell their home on their own. There are so many resources available online with a simple click of a button. Plus, the prospect of saving on that 6% commission can seem far too attractive to overlook. But think about what you’ll be missing – is it really worth it?

The Alaska REALTOR® certification comes with a host of training and experience that you will find invaluable to your goal of buying or selling your home. Here are the top 5 reasons why you still need an Alaska real estate professional.

Acts as a Buffer

Like any large and important purchase, emotions can come into play. Once you see an incredible house that offers everything you’ve ever dreamed of, it can be hard to keep your

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wasilla alaska new constructionUnseasonably warm temperatures mean a few things in the Greater Wasilla area of the Matsu Valley – the Sandhill Cranes and Swans have returned early from their winter migration, and Wasilla new construction can get an early start.

The Kibe Lucas Team is associated with established area builders, Monaghan Construction Inc. The company specializes in residential construction, as well as remodels and additions. Kibe Lucas and Monaghan have partnered to bring you amazing homes to be built in an absolutely incredible natural setting on ample lots!

About Monaghan Construction Inc.

Monaghan Construction has been operating in Alaska for the past 20 years. Originally from Massachusetts, they bring a unique style of home that reflects a sought-after

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