What We Stand For

Kibe Lucas Team Beliefs

  1. Our business will grow to the extent we do.
  2. We believe trust begins with honesty.
  3. Customers/Clients always come first. They are not always right . . . but they do come first.
  4. Referrals and repeat business must be earned.
  5. Our client's experience determines whether we will receive repeat and referral business.
  6. We are passionate about providing remarkable service and becoming an invaluable part of our client’s real estate experience.
  7. Actions always precede results.
  8. Because of the standards we represent and uphold, we intend to change the way the public feels about real estate professionals.
  9. No transaction is worth our reputation.

Mission Statement

"Through ongoing training, education, coaching and world class team members, we intend to become the real estate team of choice in the Mat Su Valley."


"By providing exceptional value and remarkable service to all, we will create raving fans and clients for life."


  1. Integrity is the cornerstone of the Kibe Lucas Team.
  2. We always come from contribution.
  3. We always take the high road.
  4. We operate from the Platinum Rule. “Treat others the way they want to be treated.”
  5. We stay in curiosity and out of judgement.
  6. We are committed to excellence in all areas of our life.
  7. We always go the extra mile.
  8. We conduct our business by fiduciary standards.
  9. We always come from accountability. We own the result.
  10. Respect.

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